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THE TAKEOVER! One of the best days of my life no doubt! I swear, this was one of the best birthday gifts ever! Started off with the meet and greet! I met all the artists that were performing that night. Got my uke signed by Vincent Lacsamana, Jenny Suk, Andrew Kim, Mitchell Grey, Joesph Vincent <3 , D-pryde, and the one and only…GABE BONDOC. I was so nervous meeting them actually,¬†especially¬†Joseph Vincent and Gabe Bondoc. I don’t know why but I was kinda nervous to meet D-Pryde too. Even though I already met him at GSP. Anyway, I had a conversation with Joseph Vincent! When he was signing my uke I realized he was writing with his left hand. So I said, “Oh! You’re a lefty?!” And then he said, “Yeah, I’m a lefty but I play right handed guitar. I’m too lazy to get a left handed one” And he smiled that cute smile of his. UNF <3 And I laughed. OMG, I’m gonna marry him. I also had a small conversation with D-Pryde too. I mentioned the time I met him at the mall once but I doubted he remembered. He said, “GSP?” I said, “Yeah!” Then he said if he remembers the mall, he remembers meeting me. I still doubt it but whatevvvs<3 When I walked up to him I was so nervous, he kinda made fun of me for that. In a cute way though! LOL! Then I went to Gabe Bondoc! He’s super duper nice! :D Then I went back to Joseph Vincent to get another picture with him :) Hehehe. Then back to Gabe Bondoc again.

Then Ana & I headed upstairs to get seated. We sat in like the 2nd or 3rd row.The show was at like a church-like place. There were religious figures everywhere 0___o It felt kinda awkward. LOL. The show started late but once it got started…OMG! Honestly, I loved all the acts! Except this one that kinda creeped me out. I think his name was like Capili? Yeah, not a fan… sorry. Honestly, they all sing really well live unlike those really famous pop singers who lip sing at every concert. All their voices were so beautiful! Jenny Suk is so pretty! Her voice is seriously amazing! Vincent Lacsamana chose a lot of songs I liked! Andrew Kim is definitely someone to look out for! Tiffany Eugenio sang “Someone Like You” & it reminded me of Gabby D!¬†Mitchell Grey…AMAZING! Ohhh, Ryan Bandong<3 UNF! JOSEPH VINCENT<3 OMG, I wanted to go on stage and just..omg! He’s so UNFFFF<33333333333 And he sang some of my favorites and made me fall in love even more! D-Pryde is such a great performer! He hyped up the whole crowd! :D But the one thing that pissed me off during his performance was when they were throwing shirts in the audience and the guy next to me caught it. It wouldn’t fit him so he was gonna give it to me and this bitch next to me takes it out of my hand. And she had the audacity to be like ‘THANK YOU!’ and put on the bitchest smile. Lucky I didn’t smack that smile right off her face and take that shirt away from her. Whatever, I hope that shirt doesn’t fit her at all. And FINALLY….the great GABE BONDOC! Amazing amazing amazing! Seriously! That guy has some talent! Loved him & a great way to end the show! He sang my favorite song from him “Better Yet”

I honestly had an AMAZING time! Glad I shared one of the greatest experiences with my friend Ana! And again, Thank you Deejay & Christine for buying me the ticket in the first place! Thank you for allowing me to meet my husband, Joseph Vincent, and a bunch of other amazing artists! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! <333 SOO MUCH!

Seriously, one of the greatest experiences of my life <333333

Posted on July 10th, 2011